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5 Causes Of A High Water Bill


It is common for water bills to differ from one billing period to another. After a family vacation, you might have to clean more dishes around the holidays or do more laundry. There is probably no problem as long as a cause can be identified. There might be a serious problem if you can’t find a cause for your high water bill. Water leakage can result in costly damage to water or the growth of moulds.

Below are 5 common causes of a high water bill.

Save Water in Vancouver, BCRunning And Leaking Toilets

When you hear a strange hiss-like sound in your toilet, you may have a leak and want to further test the tank flapper, connections to the waterline, and seals.

Remove the lid from the tank of your toilet and put a few drops of colouring in it. Wait 15-20 minutes after you put the dye in the tank, and check for dye in the toilet bowl. If dye is present, there is a leak allowing water from the tank to stream into the bowl.

Leaking Faucets & Fixtures

All it takes to identify a leak is a simple visual check of your faucets, showerheads, and other fixtures. A defective rubber washer in the faucet handle is the most common cause of faucet leaks. You can shut off the water to the leaky faucet in most cases, loosen up the handle, remove the bad washer and replace it with a new one.

Underground Leaks

A line crack or loose joint can cause leakage, even when powered off, in your outdoor watering system. These leaks, especially if the irrigation lines are buried and out of sight, can be a little more tricky. One of the best indicators that your problem lies here is an unusually moist spot in your yard or a grass field that is much lusher than its surrounding areas.

Trusted Plumber In North Vancouver, B.C.Seasonal Or Occasional Increases In Consumption

A small change in your household or water usage patterns can have a major impact on your utility bill. A change in the season or adding a new guest/family member to your household are two major reasons you may change your water usage habits.

The best solution for countering or preventing a sharp spike in your use of water is to plan ahead if possible. In some cases, during some months or as long as you have that extra person in your home, you may need to budget for higher water consumption.

Water Softeners Or Purification Systems

Because of the regeneration or backwash cycles their systems go through, customers with water softeners have higher water bills. The systems are programmed to be periodically regenerated or backwashed. Water will be used by the systems to clean the filter media and discharge the wastewater into the ground next to the system.

If left unchecked, some plumbing problems can lead to several litres of wasted water that will reflect on your next bill. You can examine these potential causes if you find that your bill is higher than normal and you have not changed your routine.

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