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5 Common Furnace Problems And Their Solution


Your furnace is one complex home appliance. Thus there’s no time to lose when it stops working. If you own a furnace, you’re likely to run into a bit of trouble in the course of its life. Most furnaces have a shelf life but you’ll know how to handle it the next time furnace problems strike. Here is a checklist for troubleshooting that will help you narrow the problem down.

Hundreds of people call furnace repair experts like us when the cool fall and winter weather comes because of a problem with their heating system. Whether it is a commercial or residential environment, furnaces are plagued by the same basic problems. Understanding what the most popular furnace problems are, you may take effective measures to prevent them.

Trusted Plumber In Vancouver, B.C.Provides Heat, But Not Enough Or No Heat At All

A furnace that performs its main task of providing heat but not enough may be because of problems with a clogged filter, or the furnace may be the wrong size for space it’s put in. However, if your furnace does not heat at all, it may have problems with the thermostat setting, or the pilot light.

Doesn’t Blow Air

Pay attention to the furnace, the inspection window, to ensure the blower is not blocked by dirt and no debris is present.

If your furnace doesn’t blow air but it still runs, it could mean the belt connecting the motor and the blower is broken. You can replace it by following the instructions in your furnace operating manual, or by calling in a professional.

Blower Runs Continuously

The blower brings cool air into the heat exchanger. A continuously running furnace that doesn’t shut off may be a sign of a repair needed. Check to make sure the thermostat isn’t set to “continuous fan.”

Lower the temperature to see if it’s solving the problem. A gas furnace blower that does not turn off can be an indication that there are issues with a faulty limit control switch. It may need replacement or reset.

Plumbing Contractor In Vancouver, B.C.Noisy Furnace Or Duct Work

Some noises from your furnace are normal— but you don’t want to ignore too much noise or a new noise that wasn’t there before.

First, you have to identify the noise. Is that a pinging or a bang? It may mean your ductwork has been thermal expanding. If you can locate the spot where it is happening, make a little dent in the sheet metal.

If you are hearing rattling noises, make sure that all the furnace covers are screwed on. Is it more of a squealing noise? This could suggest a slipped belt. If it’s a grinding noise you hear, turn off the machine and call a furnace repair professional. The bearing of the motor may have been shot.

Frequent/Rapid Cycling

If the furnace on and off modes cycles repeatedly, this could indicate a worn-out, dirty, or clogged filter. You should always check the filter and clean or change it.

If the problem is an improper airflow or a bad thermostat setting, then the solution to that is some serious professional check.

If you can’t solve your furnace issues after troubleshooting, then leave it to us. It’s always best to call in experts to examine and service your furnace. Call us at 778-397-4850 or leave us a message.