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6 Signs You Need To Replace Your Toilet


You depend on your toilet every day, but until something goes wrong you probably don’t think much about it. Your toilet would probably need to be replaced after years of use just like other major appliances in your house. 

Constant Clogging

Is your toilet a hassle because it needs plunging more than once a week? Most of the time, many of the older low-flush toilets need more than one flush. They are often plagued by random stoppages as well. It’s not convenient to have to plunge into the toilet regularly. It’s time to replace your toilet if this is an annoyance for you.


If you often see a puddle of water around your toilet, it could be more than just a leak: you might have cracks in your tank, and the toilet might need to be replaced. A plumber from Shaul’s will help you figure out if this is a problem that can be fixed. If the toilet seems to work properly – flushing well, not clogging, not running – but water is around the bottom of it, meaning there are cracks in the tank.

Plumbing Services in Coquitlam BCFrequent Repairs

Toilets should not have to be repaired constantly. When you frequently call for a plumber to repair the toilet, replace it. Frequent fixes will add up, and if you invest in a new toilet, you can save yourself a bit of money over the years. Or, if your toilet needs a lot of repairs all at once, replacing the toilet may be cheaper. Speak to your plumber at Shaul’s about the situation and he or she will help you consider the implications of each alternative.

Old And Inefficient

Whether your toilet is working properly or not, you should consider replacing it if you have had the same one for decades. Older toilets are likely to be less efficient than newer ones, so they might drive up your water bill. Technological advancements made over the past couple of years have resulted in toilets that use much less water.


If your toilet wobbles, it can be a problem with loose screws. A plumber can tighten the bolts easily and make sure that everything is positioned properly. But wobbling can mean a bigger problem as well. The floor under the toilet may be rotting away or weakened by water, so contact a professional at Shaul’s to check it out.

Plumbing Contractor In Coquitlam, B.C.Constant Running

No matter how hard you try, if your toilet continues to run, there are a few potential causes. The rubber flapper at the bottom of the tank is sometimes damaged. It may also mean that in some way the fill valve in the tank was damaged. Either way, these issues while sometimes fixable, can be a grade-A indication that it’s time for a new toilet.

There may be several different signs that your toilet needs to be replaced, but be sure to call a professional to do the job. For any of your plumbing needs, you can call Shaul’s Plumbing and Heating Ltd. at 778-397-485.

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