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Common Bad Habits That Damage Your Plumbing


Living in a comfortable home can lead the homeowners to have a daily routine or habits that may be both harmless and harmful in the house.

Plumbing fixtures in your house are helpful things that make tasks easier and more convenient. You wouldn’t want to see them breaking apart whenever you need to use them the most. Here are some bad habits that damage your plumbing and reasons why you should avoid them:

Using Too Much Drain Cleaner

Plumbing Contractor In Burnaby, B.C.You probably use drain cleaner more often because this can quickly remove clogs. But quick fixes aren’t always the best. Most drain cleaners contain powerful chemicals that are harmful to your pipes and may lead to a bigger problem than just the plumbing. You must seek more harmless solutions than using a drain cleaner every now and then.

Letting Hair Down The Drain

Some homeowners make a habit of shaving over the sink or in the shower and letting that hair go down the drain not knowing that hair easily sticks to the soap deposits already clinging to the sides of the pipes. Those fibres can quickly cause a large clog.

You must think of a new place where to shave and you can also put drain baskets in your shower and bathroom sink drains to catch hair before it has a chance to go down your drain and cause any problems.

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Abusing Your Garbage Disposal

Misusing the garbage disposal can end up costing you money in repairs even if it is another convenient home item. When you are disposing of, make sure that the water is running to prevent clogs. You must also know that there are particular items that you should never place in your garbage disposals like bones, fruit pits, and other hard objects. Hard items like those never fully break down and can cause dulling of your disposal’s blades. Cooking grease, pasta, and coffee grounds can also cause blockages in the disposal and the sewer line.

Incorrect Toilet Use

It’s one of the most common problems that take frequent visits from a plumber. Homeowners hear the warnings about the kinds of material that should not be flushed down the toilet, and they keep right on flushing down other stuff anyway.

Things like feminine products and cotton balls are not meant to go down the toilet because they can block both the toilet itself and the rest of the system in some cases. If it’s not natural waste or specifically designed toilet paper, you should find another outlet to dispose of it.

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