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Common Sewer Line Problems


The sewer line to your house is like a master drain. Your sewer line is essential to work properly, or you may find yourself in a messy, inconvenient, and expensive situation.

It’s important to be aware of the most common sewer line problems and their solutions so you can make sure your sewer system stays in proper working order! Unfortunately, your sewer is susceptible to a variety of problems and here are some of the most common.

Damage From Tree Roots

Tree roots can expand and penetrate into sewer lines. Those roots will put pressure on and ultimately penetrate your main sewer line. The easiest way to see if a tree root is the source of clogging and backups is by video inspection.

Tree roots can be the worst enemy of any sewer pipe. This can seriously damage your line if there are roots in your sewage system. It is time to contact a plumbing professional in this situation as soon as possible.

Clogs Or Blockage

If your sewer line is blocked by large objects or debris, it can restrict the proper flow of water. Some common objects include paper towels, clothes, toys, and grease.

A clog can result in a huge amount of pressure which will eventually burst your sewer line. Prevent clogs by paying attention to what you put into your toilets. Don’t use them just like garbage. If you notice strange noises or significant backups in your toilets, you might want to call in a professional.

Corrosion And Deterioration Of Pipes

If your pipe is getting old or is made from anything but durable PVC piping, then you are likely to run the risk of corroding or deteriorating your pipes, which can cause both collapses in your line and water flow restriction.

Signs of corroded and broken pipes include gurgling sounds, sluggish drainage and strong odours in your yard or basement.

Cracks And Breaks Of Pipes

If your pipes have broken, cracked, or collapsed due to a flood or storm, shifting soil, frozen ground, it’s best to call in a professional to inspect and replace the pipes.

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