Easy Ways To Pet-Proof Your Plumbing


If you have dogs, cats, or any pets that get into every corner and holes of your home, then you have to make sure they’re out of trouble so as to not cause damage to your plumbing. As an owner, you have the responsibility to maintain a safe environment for people as well as for your pets, so everybody can stay happy and safe at the same time.

Here are a few ways you can do to ease your worry and to pet-proof your home’s plumbing, so you could avoid more expensive problems.

Keep your pets’ water bowls full

Pet-Proof Your House In Coquitlam, BCIf you leave your pets’ bowl empty or dirty, they will look for water sources like your toilet, or the fridge or sink. Be sure to keep their water bowls full and clean, so they could leave your toilets alone.

Close toilet lids and cover openings

There are small animals like kittens, puppies, hamsters, and mice that can fall and drown if you don’t close toilet lids. They can also get into your plumbing pipes through floor drains and other openings, so you better cover those holes securely.

Protect your exposed pipes

Pipes in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, basement, sink cabinets, and your lawn that are exposed on the surface and can be seen or located by your pets and kids can potentially be damaged. You should conceal those pipes with rugs, curtains, or cabinets.

Bathe your pets with precaution

Your pets’ fur can clog the drain when you wash them. You can use a drain stopper to avoid clogging. But if they’re full of mud, wipe them off first before heading to the tub or shower. If possible, bathe your pets outside.

If you love your pets, you will do everything to keep them safe, so be responsible and take care of potential plumbing hazards that could cause danger to them and to your pipes at home.

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