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Fall Plumbing Checklist


The temperature drops and the rain starts to fall. It’s now time to build defences and take preemptive measures to protect your pipes before the cooler months arrive. Shaul’s is a certified plumbing contractor in North Vancouver BC that provides quality plumbing services in North Vancouver BC.

If you’re looking for a trusted plumbing and gas contractor in North Vancouver BC, Shaul’s is the one. We offer professional plumbing and gas services in North Vancouver BC.

To spare yourself from experiencing unwanted plumbing nightmares and the possibility of high plumbing costs, the following pre-winter checklist will help you prepare your home.

Look For Leaks

heating services in North Vancouver BCLook under bathroom and kitchen sinks, outside faucets, water valves, toilet tank, shower, garden hose, radiators, water line to your fridge ice maker, clothes and dishwashers, and main water meter for leaks. A hidden leak can be detected by turning off all water in the house, taking note of the water meter reading, leaving the house for a couple of hours, and then read the meter again upon returning home. If the number is different or has moved by more than a gallon, you may have an internal leak.

Check Your Drains

Turn the water on high and let them run in the shower and bathtubs, and check if the sink is draining slowly. For faster help on fixing slow-draining sinks, contact Shaul’s Plumbing and Heating Ltd.

Clear Gutter And Downspout Debris

plumbing contractor in North Vancouver BCClear the leaves and other debris clogging the gutters and downspouts. Use a garden hose to spray water into the gutters and then see if the water comes through.  Clearing the pathways will ensure easy drainage.

Test Sump Pump

Make sure your sump pump is working properly to prevent flooding caused by rain and melting snow. Have them cleaned and maintained annually by scheduling a service with us.

Disconnect Water Hoses

Make sure to unhook all outside water hoses from faucets to prevent breaking them by freezing water. Properly drain the hoses, roll them up and store them somewhere not too cold.

Flush Water Heater

Before the winter months, adjust the temperature of the water heater to 120 degrees. Make sure to flush the heater out to remove sediment buildup that can cause corrosion, shorten the lifespan of the heater, reduce heating efficiency, and increase heating costs.

For assistance on whatever problem that may arise while going through this checklist, call us at (778) 397-4850 and we will be there in no time. Don’t wait for the winter to set in and risk more costly repairs. You can contact us in any season — summer, winter, spring, and fall!

As a qualified, professional heating contractor in North Vancouver BC, Shaul’s offers quality heating services in North Vancouver BC. We also are available anytime for emergencies.

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