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Helpful Ways To Unclog A Toilet


What inconvenience it would bring when after using the toilet, you flush it and the water comes up instead of going down. You would not want to be embarrassed with whatever it is you deposited there, worse the toilet overflowing. Shaul’s is a local plumbing contractor in North Vancouver BC that provides professional plumbing services in North Vancouver BC.

If the toilet looks like it’s about to overflow, take the lid off the tank and close the open flapper. The water in the tank is as clean as your shower water, so don’t worry about plunging your hands inside to close the flapper. If you’re looking for a heating contractor in North Vancouver BC, Shaul’s is the one. We offer quality heating services in North Vancouver BC.

The following are ways to help you unclog the toilet.

  • plumbing services in North Vancouver BCUse a plunger. Before using it, run it through hot water to soften up the rubber. Pump directly over the hole. Make sure it makes a good seal to completely cover the hole. The first push should be gentle to get rid of the air. Continuously push down and pull up until the water begins to drain. Flush the toilet to check if the water drains. Repeat the process of plunging and flushing until the clog clears out.
  • Use dish soap. You can use dish soap or shampoo instead. Add a few squirts of dish soap. Flush the toilet after a few minutes. The soap can make everything slippery so the clog slides away.
  • Use a plumbing snake. Use the special or flexible one called auger to avoid damage to the porcelain. Insert one end of the cable down the drain. Slowly turn the crank until it stops at an obstruction. Push the snake and twist it to break the obstruction. Wind the snake back. Flush the toilet if the clog clears out.
  • Use a wet/dry vacuum, if the plunger and snake failed to unclog. Do not use the regular one as it will be destroyed. Empty the bowl of water. Push the vacuum into the toilet. Wrap a towel around the hose to create a seal around the drain. Holding the towel with one hand, turn the vacuum on. Wait for it to suck the obstruction out.
  • Use a drain cleaner. Try using the enzyme or bio cleaner to avoid damaging your pipes and the environment. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use it.

The clog should be gone with one or two of the ways mentioned. If after trying all of the above ways, your toilet failed to unclog, it’s time to call in a plumber. The problem might need professional handling like fixing or replacing the fixture itself. Call us now at (778) 397-4850. As a professional plumbing and gas contractor in North Vancouver BC, Shaul’s offers quality gas services in North Vancouver BC. We also are available anytime for emergencies.