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How To Fix Water Heater Issues


What a nightmare it is when your water heater is not properly functioning. No hot showers, no washing of laundry and dishes, and not able to clean things around your house are just some of the consequences of a broken water heater.

In this blog, let us help you deal with those inconveniences. Here are some DIY fixes on how to fix water heater issues.

No Hot Water Is Produced

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If the high temperature has tripped in the breaker box, then turn off the power, take out the insulation, remove the cover from the element port, and then press the red reset button. If that doesn’t work, then the electrical supply is insufficient. A multimeter is used to test this. If the thermostat has a problem, you may either replace it or call your licensed technician at Shaul’s.

Hot Water Produced Is Not Enough

If the tank is located far from each point of use, so you have long pipes, then the existing water may take a while to drain from the pipes. In this case, you can either move the water heater closer or install a pump. Another problem could be if the dip tube is broken, then cold water will mix with the hot at the top of the heater tank. Replace the dip tube in this case.

Pilot Light Frequently Blows Out

The thermocouple might be defective. This is the device that shuts off gas flow when the pilot goes off. If it is faulty, then the water heater can stop working entirely. In this case, call your service technician at Shaul’s for evaluation. If the pilot line is clogged, call your professional plumber at Shaul’s to clean it. If the control valve is faulty, replace it.

Water Tank Is Leaking

In this case, install a pressure valve if the tank doesn’t have one, or replace the valve if it’s broken. If the tank’s temperature is too high to cause the water to be under high pressure, then reduce the temperature to 130°F.

Local Heating Contractor In Vancouver, B.C.Water Valve Is Dripping

In this issue, replace the flushing valve. Another solution could be a zinc cap where you attach a hose washer, and then screw tightly onto the valve.

These are just a few of the common issues and fixes you can have with your water heater. If you have other concerns, you may contact us at 778-397-4850. Shaul’s Plumbing and Heating Ltd is also available online if you want to schedule an appointment