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How To Maintain Your Sump Pump


Homeowners tend to have a sump pump that works efficiently and conveniently in the background. Places with much groundwater let these sump pumps have a regular on and off sounds that merge with the embroidery of your home life. And in areas with low groundwater, the pump may not be turned on for years in some cases.

A sump pump can be an effective device for moving stored water away from your house and preventing expensive repairs.  Some homeowners who have sump pumps barely are not aware that they have one. Yet locating your sump pump, understanding its operations, and above all, knowing how to maintain it, are all vital to keeping your house remarkably in its best shape.

Here are some helpful tips to keep your sump pump in a good working position.

Check The Pump’s Discharge Line For Blockades

You should know where the pump’s discharged line is located for you to make sure that there won’t be any blockages of rocks and other particles along the way. Discharge them immediately in order for the sump pump to inhibit the smooth flow of water.

Trusted Plumber In Coquitlam, B.C.Primary Pump Should Be Connected To Power And Turned On

If your pump is plugged into an outlet rather than hard-wired, make sure the ground fault circuit interrupter on the outlet has not been tripped.

Test Your Pump For Functionality

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Undestroyed pumps should turn on automatically and pump the water away in seconds. Sump pumps use a hover to detect water, and this hover can become blocked because of dirt and sediment. So if your pump is powered on but doesn’t start pumping during the test, try to pour a bucket of water into the sump pit first before calling for service.

Disconnect And Clean The Pump

Do not forget to disconnect the pump from its power source and discharge line. Clean the pump by removing it from the pit and carefully wipe all accessible parts of dirt, sediment and small stones. For more convenient cleaning, remove the grate at the bottom of the pump and clean it separately. If the sump pit is cluttered, tidy up the area while you have the pump removed.

Definite instructions on how to clean a sump pump may be helpful, but most pumps can be securely cleaned with a garden hose, paper napkins and a stiff-bristle brush.

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