How To Save Water With Your Plumbing Fixture At Home


One study in 2018 showed that Canadians use over 329 litres of water per person, per day, on average. Canada ranks second behind the U.S. in the developed world, and twice as much as the UK and France.

This serious issue should hopefully gain more attention, and push people to save and conserve water without compromising comfort. One factor that can help us save water is the use of water-saving plumbing fixtures.

It’s good news that in the past 15 years, home builders who asked manufacturers for these water-saving plumbing fixtures have doubled in number. With people wanting to save water while still getting the similar experience with their old water-wasting fixtures, manufacturers have felt the need to better their designs.

Plumbing Services In New Westminster CAWith shower heads and faucets, plumbing fixture companies mix air with water to give a similar volume of water. They also pressurize the water in some fixtures so that the right force makes the water come out. There are also the dual flush toilets and low-flow showerheads that are now common on the market.

To reduce your water use with your showers, replace your showerhead with water-efficient models that use 7.6 lpm or less. Also, reduce your shower time so you can save money too. Decide to take a 5-minute shower. And while waiting for the water to heat up, catch the cold water in a bucket so it can be reused later for cleaning, or watering your plants.

To reduce your water consumption with your toilets, replace your toilet with an efficient model that uses 4.8 litres per flush. With this, you can reduce household consumption to 20% a year. However, do not interrupt the toilet flushing by placing bottles or bricks in the tank. And never flush tissue papers, hair, and other items down the toilet.

To reduce water usage with your faucets, turn them off when you’re not directly using the water flow. You can consider replacing your faucets with water-efficient models that use 1.9 lpm or 0.5 gallon per minute.

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