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Importance Of Winter Plumbing Maintenance


Just as how we protect ourselves from the harsh effects of winter, so we should do too with our pipes and plumbing. In Canada, we know how cold and freezing the winter can get, and so we should know how to prepare for it.

What a distress it would be if we neglect taking care of the pipes before winter hits. It will be like disregarding our own need for running water during the cold season.

So just like preparing our thick clothes to protect us from the freezing weather, it is as important to insulate our pipes and to drain and disconnect hoses. You don’t wait until you can’t move a finger before you get a jacket.

Trusted Plumber In Richmond, B.C.Insulate Your Pipes

Before the temperatures drop, make sure to wrap your pipes with foam insulation or a towel to keep them and the water inside them from freezing.

Shut Off Outside Valves

Shutting off the valves prevents the pipes and the water inside them from freezing. This also protects the pipes from bursting due to the water expanding as it freezes.

Drain And Disconnect Hoses

Drain water inside hoses and disconnect the hoses from faucets. This will ensure that your hoses won’t be damaged by water that expands when it freezes.

Plumbing Contractor In Richmond, B.C.Inspect Your Furnace

Avoid furnace failure during winter. Make sure your furnace gets checked and is working properly before the temperature drop, so as to prevent your pipes from freezing and bursting.

Check Your Water Heater

Before winter sets in, see to it that you drain your water heater. Also, have your heater checked by a professional from Shaul’s to see if it’s not broken. You won’t want to have icy showers nor wash your hands with a cold flow of water.

Thoroughly winterizing your pipes can keep them from being frozen and burst and eventually cause shocking water damage. The tips we’ve mentioned above are things you can do yourself.

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