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Infrared Tube Heaters 101


Radiant heaters heat an area in a similar way the sun warms the Earth. The heat from the sun impacts the Earth and influences the temperature of the surface of the Earth. When the surface is warm enough, it releases heat to the surrounding area.

Radiant tube heaters work the same way, heat is being transmitted directly to the people, objects, and surfaces then heat is released via convection to the surrounding air.

An infrared heating system is made up of a burner, heat exchanger tube, and reflector. When a flame is ignited, it is immediately drawn down to a highly emissive tube through a fan or pump and then a designed reflector directs the heat towards the floor.

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Advantages Of Infrared Tube Heaters

Radiant heating provides advantages since they are energy competent, environment-friendly, no-noise heaters and they are easy to install. The heater’s indoor air quality is better since it minimizes the circulation of dangerous particles. The durability of the heater is convenient and makes it easy to use.

Infrared Tube Heaters Efficiency

The heat is directed at the area where it is needed, and it does not escalate into the ceiling like other methods. Warm floors make it comfortable in a low thermostat setting. Hardly any energy is lost between the target area and the radiating surface. Also, radiant heating makes available fast heat recovery from doors opening and closing. Surfaces are warm and temperatures recover faster after doors open because heat is created at the floor, the temperature from the ceiling is lower reducing heat loss through the roof. The benefit of the heater varies according to the application.

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Infrared Tube Heaters Cost Savings

When conventional air heaters are replaced with infrared heaters, fuel savings reach 30% to 50%. Most energy providers recognize the benefits of fuel savings in using radiant heaters to heat industrial, commercialized, and agricultural spaces.

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