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Is A Natural Gas Boiler Worth The Investment?


Homeowners surely have heard about boilers’ radiant heat, and maybe you’ve even felt it for yourself. You know how comfortable boilers can make a house feel, but are you sure that it is worthy of your investment?

There are two main types of central heating which are furnaces and boilers. For decades, a huge number of Americans have largely used furnaces for they are cheaper to buy, and many builders are looking to save where they can. However, boilers might be able to save you a big amount of money in the long run. Both furnaces and boilers come with various conveniences, ratings, and price points, but boilers are known to be costlier to buy.

Is a high-efficiency model really worth it? Here are some points and suggestions for you to realize if they truly are.

Heating Contractor In Richmond, B.C.Natural Gas Boiler Can Be More Convenient

At least for some people, natural gas boilers are more convenient and efficient than the other boilers. Since high-efficiency boilers are more expensive up front, you can consider buying only one if you plan to be in your home for several years. Otherwise, you may never get back your investment.

Also, consider what type of fuel is available and which is dictated by your local fuel supplier because oil and gas are different prices. Be sure to check the prices in the government websites which have calculators available so you can compare estimated costs for powering different appliances.

Starting House Or Remodelling

If you are in the position of building your home from scratch, now is the right time for you to decide between boiler and furnace. Since it’s much easier to go with a boiler and radiant heat rather than saving money for a furnace, plan to switch to a boiler after some time.

Local Heating Contractor In Burnaby, B.C.Boilers may be tricky to install since they require proper and perfectly situated piping under floors and sometimes in walls. Furnaces on the other hand rely on a vent and duct system. Both systems require hard times of planning and labour, and it may be a decision you need to make only once.

If you’re remodelling a house, it can be more helpful for you to stick with the type of heating source that is originally installed. Do not rely on a high-proficiency boiler with a big price to stress you out. You must know the difference between the two so that you may appreciate whatever is originally installed in your house.

The best way is to calculate how much heating energy you are using and the difference of the monthly bills of using a furnace versus a boiler, and let that outcome to help you have your final decision.

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