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Is Pipe Replacement A Good Idea During A Remodel?


Do you want to remodel one of your bathrooms, or maybe the kitchen? When you start to plan this remodel, make sure that you have a plumber to come to check the plumbing lying under the surfaces. As most plumbing is visible, now is the ideal time to check and repair any old or damaged piping — and here are a couple of questions you should ask.

How Much Needs Replacement?

Ideally, you’re hoping all of your plumbing will be in excellent shape and the current system will be completely compatible with any new fixtures or improvements that you might add. This isn’t always the case, however, and you may need to replace certain parts because of age, damage, or incompatibility with new plumbing. Ask your plumber whether replacing parts or doing a complete replacement (this might be the more cost-effective solution) makes sense.

What Materials Should Be Used?

Although copper is the most common choice for water pipes, it is not the only option, and there are good reasons not to use it. Besides needing soldering which requires a certain amount of skill, if your water is too hard, there is a risk that copper pipes may develop pinhole leaks. Wirsbo or PEX pipes are code-compliant, easy to use and price competitive and could be a better option for your project. Most plumbers use ABS pipes for drains, but in some situations, other alternatives, such as cast iron or PVC, may be preferred.

What Codes Will Be Applied?

Plumbing codes can be confusing, especially as they relate to drains and sewers, and they are in place to ensure everything works as it should. Any drain you add or upgrade must maintain a proper downward slope, and you sometimes have to adjust the framing in order to achieve that. In addition, it is important to vent the drains, which requires installing pipes that slope upward to the roof, and you must position them at specified distances from the drains. If you’re not familiar with the plumbing codes, working with a skilled plumber pays off. Code violations cause serious problems and you can find yourself cutting into your brand new walls to fix when your toilet stops working.

How Much Is It Going To Cost?

While the cost of repairing the pipes depends on several factors, it generally comes down to materials and labour costs. When you are going to do the job yourself, you will get a good idea by actually drawing up a list of materials, getting pricing and then adding an overage of 10 percent for expected mistakes. If you’re looking to contract out the job, decide exactly what you want to do and then get more than one quote for the entire job. If you don’t have the tools and should spend your time on other parts of the project, calling in a plumber might save you money.

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