Plumbing Services During Spring Season in Vancouver BC

Plumbing Tips For Spring Season


As the spring season approaches, the ground begins to thaw and the weather becomes warmer. This is the best time for you to tick off your list of maintenance tasks which includes your plumbing.

To save yourself from needing frequent repairs, consider these plumbing tips.

  1. Plumbing Services in Vancouver BCMake sure the sump pump is working. Pour some water into the pit and the pump should eliminate the water and shut back off. If it does not, you may want to clear the line of any blockage.
  2. Inspect hoses and faucets. Check for any frozen or leaking pipes outside, in the basement, kitchen, bath and shower.
  3. Examine the toilet and tank for cracks and hidden leaks. Make sure there’s no water on the floor around the toilet. In the tank, drop some food colouring and wait 30 minutes to 1 hour to see if the bowl water changes colour. If it does, then there’s a leak.
  4. Check your water heater if the temperature is set to no higher than 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  5. Check for bulges and leaks around your washing machine and dishwasher.

These tips should help you save on utility bills and future repairs. For further assistance on your plumbing needs in any season — summer, winter, and fall, visit our page. For plumbing emergencies, call us at 778-397-4850.

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