heating services in Vancouver BC

Prepare Your Home For Winter


While people need homes, our homes also need us to attend to them for cleaning, maintenance, and protection from the changing weather conditions that deteriorate them. Shaul’s is a reliable heating contractor in Vancouver BC that provides professional heating services in Vancouver BC.

If you’re looking for a plumbing contractor in Vancouver BC, Shaul’s is the one. We offer quality plumbing services in Vancouver BC. Here are the tasks you need to do now to prepare your home for the coming cold months.

  • Check heating and air conditioning if they need to be serviced and the filters need changing
  • Insulate walls and floors with carpets or rugs
  • plumbing contractor in Vancouver BCClear out the gutters of obstruction
  • Protect water pipes with insulation sleeves
  • Seal the windows
  • Clean your fireplace and stock up firewood
  • Paint and caulk exterior wood
  • Check your drainage
  • Repair roof leaks
  • Check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors if they are working and have good batteries
  • Shut down exterior water systems and drain outside hoses
  • Clean your garage and bring the winter necessities in the front like shovels and snow blowers

Act now before you feel the cold shoulders, and protect your most treasured investment—your home. Contact us for plumbing and heating servicing needs. We will be one with you in preparing your home for the coming winter season. As a qualified gas contractor in Vancouver BC, Shaul’s offers quality gas services in Vancouver BC. We also are available anytime for emergencies.