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Pro Plumbing Tips For Pet Owners


Owning or adopting a pet means being responsible enough for the betterment of both your pet’s health and your home’s safety.

Homeowners tend to let their pets enter the house for a short or long period of time depending on their choice. But they should also know that pets and plumbing don’t mix well sometimes.

Our pets positively give a great impact on our lives but they can also contribute some issues when it comes to plumbing. Here are some plumbing reminders every pet owner should know to prevent plumbing cleanings and repairs.


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If you happen to let your pet enter the house, better make it a habit to keep your toilet lids closed at all times. The first reason is because it is very upsetting to see your pet drinking from the toilet bowl and the second reason is that some residues from the cleaners and chemicals that you use could harm your pets.

It may be impossible that all pets want to drink from the toilet bowl but it is possible for every pet owner to leave plenty of clean and fresh water out where they can find it.

Do Not Forget What Can And Can’t Be Flushed

A lot of things can surely go down to your toilet or drains without you noticing but some of it can’t properly be broken down. Products like napkins, diapers, and pieces of cotton can cause problems in your sewer line and septic tank.

This thing goes the same for your pet’s litter. Even though most brands endorse being flushable, they can still cause clogs over time and you may have messy plumbing problems like mud in your pipes.

Bath Time

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Do you give your pets their bath in your bathtub? If yes, you must be mindful and responsible for having a stopper or strainer in place to prevent a clogged drain with your pet’s fur. This is especially important if your pet is likely to shed excessively. You can also reduce fur from going down the bathtub’s drain by giving your pet a good brushing before letting them enter the comfort room.

It is also helpful for you to remove a good bit of dirt and grass pods from your pet outside the house rather than during a bath inside the house. After giving them a bath, make sure to wipe down the sides and bottom of the tub with a tissue or a napkin to collect some remaining fur.

Digging Habit In The Backyard

Water or sewer lines can sometimes be found as low as 18 inches below the surface of your lawn. If your pets have a habit of digging holes, make sure that they’re not digging deep enough where they can possibly put a hole through your water line or sewer line.

Being a responsible pet owner equates to being a responsible homeowner. Take care of your plumbing if you don’t want your pet to take care of them. For your plumbing issues, you may call Shaul’s at 778-397-4850 or schedule an appointment with us through our website.