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Reasons Why Your Bathtub Is Draining Slowly


After a long, tiring day, you would just want to throw in a bath bomb, lie down on your bathtub to relax, maybe have some wine and relaxing music for some needed “me” time.

When trying to drain out water after bathing, you saw that water wasn’t drained out. It is undeniably annoying as ever that there’s water with dirty residue left on your tub and you have no idea what happened to your precious bathtub.

For you to be able to troubleshoot it, here are some possible reasons you’re unaware of as to why your bathtub is slow-draining:

Clogged Pipe

This is the most common reason why bathtubs drain slowly. Pipes can get clogged due to stuck hair, soap, body oil, bath aids, dirt and other products that may be used. If there is a build-up of the objects mentioned above. Once it is stuck to the draining pipe, it may be difficult for water to pass through the drainage, and thus, resulting in clogging.

However, there are a lot of DIY ways to fix this problem. One home remedy is to use a plunger to eliminate the foreign objects in the drain pipe. Another way is the use of chemicals or drop stoppers.

Lack Of Regular Draining

For frequent users of bathtubs, it is very important to clean and check the tub drainage once in a while. You may not be aware that the products used when bathing can possibly contain chemicals that stick onto the pipes, thus can frequently clog or possibly damage your drainage in the long run. In order to maintain good drainage, snake drains or other DIY remedies are used.

Sewer Line Issues Or Defects

This problem is related more to the continued use of defective equipment or frequent clogging of your tubs. Pipes used may have accumulated rust or the sewer line of your home may need to be repaired or replaced. For more serious issues like this, it is recommended to call the help of a professional plumber as home remedies mostly don’t work when addressing this type of problem.

For seriously clogged pipes and sewer line problems, we are here to help you. If you need further assistance with your slow draining bathtub, call Shaul’s at 778-397-4850 or schedule an appointment with us through our website.