Save Energy With Your Showerhead And Faucets


In the home, showering is the second largest water use. In British Columbia, an average household use of water, whether it is gas or electric, is almost $250 worth of energy every year to keep the hot water flowing.

The installation of efficient showerheads and tap aerators will help to reduce the amount of water you are using, without sacrificing water pressure.

The following energy-saving tips will help save energy and water in the household.

Install a Low-Flow Showerhead

This energy-efficient product can help reduce water use by as much as 50%. You can replace your traditional showerhead with one that is high-efficient, and you can expect a payback almost immediately.

Install an Energy-efficient Faucet Aerator

This device can be installed on your bathroom and kitchen sinks, and it could save you $28 of hot water costs per year. This device can also cut water use by as much as 1,700 gallons per annum for a typical family of four!

New high-efficiency showerheads reduce the water consumption without compromising the shower quality. Multiple flow settings are featured in several high-efficiency models.

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