Saving Water In Vancouver CA

Set Your Goals and Reduce Water Usage In Your Home


Water, which is a necessity in the household, is a limited resource. We think it is unlimited, but in the actual world, freshwater makes up only 3% of the earth’s water, which makes it essential to be protected. 

Being consumers of usable water, especially freshwater, we have to be responsible in setting goals to reduce water usage in our homes. The following are personal tips on what ways each of us can do to help conserve water.

  • Save Water In Vancouver CACommit reducing water use to at least 20% per month.
  • Track your water usage in the past months by making a chart for comparison in the months to come.
  • Use products that help save water, like a low-flush toilet.
  • Watch your habits in the things you need to do with water, like cutting showers short and slowing down water flow when using the faucet, or better store water in closed containers.
  • Adjust the chart you made for the monthly water usage as needed, to help reach your goal of saving water.

The foregoing should be stepping stones in contributing to your main goal of reducing water use in your home. A chain effect to that goal would be saving money on water bills. The money you saved could then be enjoyed by you and your loved ones for other necessities and recreation.