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Signs That You Found The Right Tankless Water Heater For You


Tankless water heaters have been gaining popularity because of their promise of an unlimited hot water supply. These systems feature a more efficient alternative to the traditional units. In this post, learn how to know you’ve chosen the right tankless water heater for you.

Your Water Usage

How much hot water do you typically need? Do you have several appliances such as a washing machine or dishwasher that require hot water simultaneously? Do you have more than one shower going on simultaneously?

Plumbing Services in North Vancouver BCTankless water heaters are not rated by storage capacity but are rated by flow rate that measures the amount of water that can be heated as it flows through the device. Thus, your tankless water heater’s flow rate should match the amount of hot water you expect to use in your home at any given time.

Ensuring your tankless water heater can give the flow rate you need will guarantee that you can utilize multiple hot water taps simultaneously, for example, running a clothes washer or dishwasher while allowing a relative to clean up. Your plumber can assist you with determining the flow rate utilized by all of the fixtures and appliances in your home, and then assess your usual hot water use to figure the flow rate your tankless water heater will require.

The Right Size For Your Temperature Needs

It may sound strange, but the climate you live in has a bearing on how hard it is to heat the water. What you are doing is taking water from the ground and heating it to the temperature you want. If you live in a cold climate and the temperature of the groundwater is very low, it will take longer to heat it to the desired temperature and will take more energy.

Tankless water heaters operate by quickly heating water to the temperature you want from its incoming temperature. This difference is called temperature rise and affects the efficiency of the water heater at work. Your plumber can also help you calculate the temperature rise you need in both summer and winter to ensure that your water is the temperature you want, and then translate this temperature rise into a tankless system that can deliver quickly and efficiently the amount of heating you want.

Your Appliance Needs

Local Plumber In North Vancouver, B.C.Your hot water needs along with your budget will determine whether you need a whole-home system or a point-of-use tankless water heater for your appliances. Whole-home heaters are larger, which makes them meet the hot water demands throughout your home. Point-of-use heaters provide hot water to a specific faucet or fixture to reduce waiting time and energy usage. You can use both in sequence, or you can simply choose either of the two depending on the capacity you need.

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