Summer Plumbing Tips in Burnaby CA

Summer Plumbing Tips


It’s the time of the year where the heat is overwhelming—summertime! 

More heat means more water, and more water means double or even extra double usage of your plumbing pipes! This means that summer is the time to give extra attention to your plumbing system.

Shaul’s Plumbing and Heating, Ltd. can help you attend to your system for inspection and maintenance with the following tips.

  • Turn the temperature of your water heater down when you’re going on vacation. This saves energy and money while you’re away. 
  • Check the sewer line pipes. Stormwater and root growth from trees can congest and strain your pipes. This can cause the sewer line to back up. Call us at (778) 397-4850 for your sewer line pipes to be inspected by our fully qualified plumbers.
  • Summer Plumbing Tips in Burnaby CAWatch what you throw down the kitchen garbage disposal. Discards that can cause clogs such as cornhusks, watermelon rinds, and other stringy and fatty foods and grease should rather be thrown to the trash or compost pile. 
  • Visually inspect the washing machine hoses for leaks, cracks, or bulging from excessive use. It’s advisable to replace hoses at least once every three years or better yet change them to the braided steel hoses for extra peace of mind. If a problem arises, it’s best to call in a plumber.
  • Check if your sprinklers are working properly and are not leaking. A damaged sprinkler system can waste water and cause flooding. Make repairs as necessary.
  • Make sure your toilets are functioning well. Check for any funny noise or jiggled handle that needs repairing. If you have kids, teach them to not throw toilet paper and other things that could clog the toilet.

The best tip for your summer plumbing needs is to schedule annual maintenance and inspection with us. Our team of qualified and trusted plumbers will give you the right service that you need. Contact us now.