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The Dangers Of Hard Water


We all learned that water is H20­­­ or two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom that make up a water molecule. What we don’t usually realize is that extra minerals can get into the water we use. This is what we call hard water or water that contains more calcium and magnesium than regular water. This water causes difficulty to relate with soap or shampoo and it can cause a negative impact on the quality of life to homeowners, as well as the health of the plumbing system.

Here are common potential problems of hard water in your house:

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Skin Irritation & Dull Hair

Hard water may leave soap ingredients on your clothes, hair, skin, and other materials you recently used hard water with. Because of the soap leftovers, the mineral deposits can stick on the skin and give problems like itching, dryness, and discomfort. You can also observe that your hair is not in the normal dryness or oiliness because of the extra minerals put into it brought by hard water.

Soap Scum

When water evaporates and leaves calcium deposits behind, you will observe an appearance of white, hard water spots. This is because soap and minerals in hard water don’t relate nicely together. Your dishes may also always be spotty probably because of hard water. What’s worse is that soap scum left on shower curtains or any fabric in the bathroom can lead to dangers in your health especially in your skin. In the usage of hard water, you may find yourself cleaning the bathroom and kitchen more often than when you use normal clean water.

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Dirty Clothing

Hard water can affect your laundry system and clothes because the water prevents soap from lathering and therefore gives difficulty in cleaning your clothes when they are rinsed. Because of this problem, your clothes may remain to have bubbles and fade.

Pipes Getting Clogged

Hard water may clog pipes as scale deposits build up and lessen the flow of water. This is often a cause for concern as blocked pipes can lead to water and sewage back-ups in the home. Back-ups can be pricey, complex, and may require service from a trained and registered plumber.

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