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Things To Consider When Choosing The Right Patio Heater


It’s cold, but you want to enjoy the weather in your patio. What should you do?

An outdoor heater is the answer! Add some welcome warmth to your entertainment area. Spend the afternoons and evenings with your loved ones or guests even when it’s chilly outside.

The following are things to consider when you choose the right patio heater.

Types of Outdoor Heater

Heating Services In Burnaby BCNatural gas heaters are expensive to buy and install since it requires a professional installation. But they’re also the cheapest to use once installed and are easy to maintain. They may be difficult to move due to being hooked up to the gas line.

Propane heaters do not require professional installation; you can do it yourself. And the tank is easy to replace when it runs out. They heat up fast and can be moved to where you need the heat. But in the long run, they cost more than the natural gas because the tank needs to be replaced periodically.

Electric heaters cost more to use in the long run and are slow to heat up. They can only be used close to an outlet because they need to be plugged in. They’re the only outdoor heater that is safe to use covered or enclosed spaces.

Wood fire provides a great atmosphere with the ambiance of sitting by the fire. It’s affordable to build, but may be expensive to get wood if you live in the city. Compared to the other options, wood requires more maintenance because you need to add more wood to keep the fire going. It’s also trickier to ignite.


Floor heaters are usually tall and thin and typically a gas heater. They give off a good amount of heat.

Hanging and wall-mounted heaters save floor space and release enough heat to keep you comfortable. They are electric and both easy to install.

Tabletop heaters usually only heat a limited space and are small enough to put on top of a table. They can be electric or gas.

Fire pits and chimneys are dependent on wood as a fuel source. They give you less control over the level of heat and trickier to maintain at the desired heating level. 


The size and shape of your patio and yard, the situations you use it for, and how many people in the space are taking advantage of the heater are the factors to consider in choosing a patio heater that will satisfy your needs.


Heating Services In Burnaby BCThe cost of patio heaters will vary depending on the size, type, design, and fuel demand. If your needs and wants are simple, there’s no reason to pay more than you have to.

Natural gas is cheap to use but expensive to buy and install. Propane costs higher than natural gas in the long run. Electric heater’s maintenance cost is high and requires an electric connection. Wood is affordable to buy and build but requires more maintenance than the other options.


When choosing an outdoor heater, you must always think of safety. These are objects of heat, and when uncontrolled or mishandled may invite disaster. 

If you live in an area where strong winds are typical, consider having a heater that can withstand windy days. Or at least, anchor the heater down so it won’t fall over.

Gas and wood heaters should be put in open spaces, or risk carbon monoxide build-up and fire hazards. Electric heaters are safe, especially those with tilt shutoff feature when they fall over while on, but do not place them close to highly flammable objects.

Fire pits involve open fire, hence take caution. Make sure you keep the fire contained to the pit and not spread elsewhere. Also always put the fire out completely after use.

If you have kids at home, be sure to keep heaters out of their reach. 

Other Things To Consider

The weather will influence the amount of heat you’re going to need. If your area is strike by winters of bitter cold, you might need a more powerful heater. 

You may also consider thinking about the aesthetics, but not more than the functionality. The appearance and atmosphere that the heater will bring in and add to your patio or yard can help you browse your options.

Overall, the right patio heater will depend on the foregoing factors to consider. Be sure to enjoy more than to worry about your warm patio. Keep safety measures more than anything else in mind.

If you are still undecided and want to hear from a professional, feel free to contact us anytime! We will be happy to give a recommendation that is fit for your needs.