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Things To Do During A Heating Emergency


Has your heater gone silent all of a sudden and you start feeling the cold shoulder? There’s no other way than to troubleshoot the problem, but not long before the heating emergency goes way out of control. You certainly would want to act fast before everything goes freezing cold and you can hardly move and do a thing.

With a heating emergency, you should only trust the best. Shaul’s is a certified heating contractor in Vancouver BC that can help you in times like this! We provide heating services in Vancouver BC as well as gas services in Vancouver BC.

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Keep your cool during a heating emergency. As your local heating and gas contractor in Vancouver BC, Shaul’s gathered the following essential things for you to do in a heating emergency.

  • Check the Plug. Your kid or your pet might have accidentally pulled the plug from the outlet.
  • Check the Circuit Breaker. There might be a blown fuse that’s undetected, especially if you have a lot of major appliances on the circuit.
  • Test your Thermostat. Set it to “Heat”, and to a warmer temperature to test it.
  • Check the Furnace. See if it is operating properly and does not make any strange or funny noise.
  • Check Filters. Clean dirty filters or have them changed.
  • Check Doors and Windows. Close the doors and windows, and fix cracks if there are any.

Just like any other emergencies, it is most important to stay calm and know what to do to avoid further damage. For your other needs with heating, gas, and plumbing services in Vancouver BC, call your plumber. If you’re still having trouble with your heating systems, you need a professional contractor that specializes in heating, gas, and plumbing in Vancouver BC like Shaul’s Plumbing and Heating, Ltd.