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Ways To Prepare Your Furnace For Fall


One of the most expensive home maintenance mistakes a homeowner might make is neglecting the furnace. Annual maintenance is very important, both for the survival of the furnace and for the lives of those who enjoy its heat. Shaul’s is a local heating contractor in Vancouver BC that provides professional heating services in Vancouver BC. Heating Contractor In Vancouver BC

Maintenance can be done at any time, but it’s beneficial if you get the job done in late summer or early fall, before switching the thermostat to “heat.” If you’re looking for a trusted gas contractor in Vancouver BC, Shaul’s is the one. We offer quality gas services in Vancouver BC.

Here are a few ways you need to do to prepare your furnace for the coming fall.

Replace Your Furnace Air Filter

Change the air filter of your furnace routinely. There are different types of filters and they differ in the recommended replacement period, such as monthly, or every 3 months, or longer. This practice can improve furnace efficiency and reduce your energy bills significantly.

Clean And Unblock Air Vents And Registers

Vents on the floor that bring warm air up into your home can get dirty and clogged with dust, hair, and other debris over time. To clean and clear the obstructions, you can use a vacuum hose attachment. If you want to ensure a deep clean, then remove the vent covers and scrub them in warm soapy water. Also, check if there are no toys stuck down your registers and that no furniture or any household item that’s blocking the vents.

Gas Services In Vancouver BCCheck The Exhaust Pipes

The exhaust pipes for your furnace that are usually found outside the house can get blocked with snow, leaves, and other debris.

If you haven’t had time to tune your furnace all year round, then fall is a good time to do that before winter’s arrival. Proper and regular furnace maintenance will ensure you have heat when you need it, reduce your bills for heating and repair, and prolong your furnace life.

It won’t take you a lot of time to do those simple maintenance tasks we’ve mentioned here. But if you want to have your furnace checked and serviced by a professional, then call us at 778-397-4850 or leave us a message. As a qualified plumbing contractor in Vancouver BC, Shaul’s offers quality, professional plumbing services in Vancouver BC. We also are available anytime for emergencies.