Ways To Save Water At Home in Burnaby CA

Ways To Save Water At Home


Imagine how many litres of water can be saved every day if we learned the practices of minimizing water waste. But it is never too late to develop good habits of saving water.

Below are tips on saving water at home.

  1. Turn off faucets when it’s needless to run water each time you wash your hands or face, brush your teeth, shave, or rinse dishes.
  2. Be sure to have your pipes fixed for leaks.
  3. Every drop counts, so learn to reuse water by putting a water basin in the sink every time you rinse something. The water can be reused by depositing in the garden, or flushing the toilet, or cleaning your car and windows.
  4.  Shorten your showers to 5 minutes or less. You may use a timer for help.
  5. Always run your dishwasher or washing machine on full loads.
  6. Ways To Save Water At Home in Burnaby CAWater garden plants early morning using a watering can instead of a hose.
  7. Install rain barrels to capture rainwater. Don’t forget to cover the barrels to keep away mosquitoes.
  8. Do not let the faucet run the whole time while you wash dishes by hand or clean vegetables. Fill up a bowl or sink with clean water.
  9. Invest in water-efficient fixtures like showerheads, low-flow toilet, dishwashers, etc.
  10. Fill a bottle or jug with drinking water and let it cool inside the fridge.

While there are a lot more ways to save water, those mentioned are initial steps for you to figure out what other measures can you take in order to reduce water waste at home without compromising the quality of doing your household chores.

If you have pipe leaks, or if you want to install fixtures that could help save water, contact us now!