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What Is Hydronic Heating And How It Works


Hydronic heating is all about circulating heat that’s generated from heated water. It uses hot water or steam to provide warmth all around the place. It usually includes a boiler with hot-water radiators in each room in older urban homes. Shaul’s is a qualified heating contractor in Vancouver BC that provides quality heating services in Vancouver BC.

The system starts with the boiler heating water which is then piped through coils that transfer heat. It operates through panel radiators, natural convectors, and underfloor heating pipes, so there is no dry, dusty air circulating around. It provides clean and silent heat, which makes the system beneficial for the health especially those with asthma and air-related allergies.

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gas services in Vancouver BCThe basic equipment hasn’t radically changed over the years, but there have been some technological advancements made. Heat exchangers and burners are now more efficient, automatic dampers and circulating pumps have boosted boiler efficiency levels from around 60-percent to a current minimum of 80 percent and up to 95 percent or higher for models sold on today’s market.

The machinery is changing as well. Now available in Canada are condensing boilers with a secondary heat exchanger, which were popular in Europe. Smaller, baseboard-style radiators are modern and stylish and take up less living space than the old cast-iron units.

The in-floor radiant heating system is one form of hydronic heating that’s become popular. With this system, a boiler or hot-water tank heats the water that runs through the pipes that were placed beneath the floor. An entire house can be heated this way. It can also supplement your existing heating system to provide additional warmth in the kitchen or the bathroom or any selected rooms.

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