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What Size Tankless Water Heater Do I Need?


Do you ever find your water always cold or freezing whenever you need it to be hot? A tankless water heater should be the solution to this phenomenal problem in your home.

In order for you to choose the best size of your tankless water heater, you should first know where to put it in your house. But do not be worried about the space it would consume because it can save you more space since they can be placed on a small portion of the wall, unlike the usual tank-water heaters that consume a big amount of space.

Another factor in choosing a tankless water heater is calculating the size of your hot water heater. While traditional tank water heaters are calculated by the size of your family, a tankless water heater is calculated by the quantity and types of appliances it will serve. The figure is called “flow rate”, which helps determine your hot water heater size. Let’s look into how to calculate and pick the correct size of the tankless water heater.

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Calculate How Many Gallons Per Minute For Your Tankless Water Heater

You can calculate your own maximum GPM (Gallons per Minute) by adding up the flow rate of each individual fixture that uses hot water in your home. This is a way of measuring how many gallons of hot water could run through the fixture per minute. You can find actual flow rates for your specific fixtures by referencing your owner’s manual or searching the model number online.

Determine Temperature Rise Needed

After knowing the amount of water you need to move, the next one to be considered is how warm should the water be. Do not forget that another calculation is the temperature rise or the amount you need to increase the temperature of groundwater to reach your desired “hot” temperature.

You can find your place’s average groundwater temperature using a ground temperature map. Some temperature ranges over larger areas, while others provide more specific temperatures for smaller areas. The map you choose to use in sizing a tankless hot water heater is just a matter of preference.

Determine Your Power Source

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You should consider the availability of the power source you’d like to use. It may be either a gas or electrical access. This may be enough to make up your mind. In most places, gas may be much more affordable for long-term use. If the price and availability of gas and electricity are fairly similar in your place, you may consider which features of a tankless water heater are most important to you. Gas-fired tankless water heaters are able to produce a larger volume of hot water more quickly than their electric counterparts. They are also said to be less expensive to operate due to the price of gas.

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