When Do You Need To Repair Your Pipes


Repairing pipes is essential in order to avoid contaminants entering your water supply. It also minimizes the damage you, occupying the building. Refusing pipe repair can greatly affect the occupants inside the building in a negative way.

If the pipes begin to leak near the corroded area, the water which leaks in the corroded area, can damage the house or building which makes it unsanitary and uncomfortable for the occupants to stay in.

You can tell that you need pipe repair when you can see the signs stated below. There are obvious signs that show your pipes need repairing.

Pipes are Already Old and Rusty

Rust has a big impact on the water quality that you use. It is also the main cause why the drinking water has an unpleasant taste. It makes your water dirty and increases the rate of the pipes being clogged.

While having rust in your water is not a health concern, having old pipes is. The lead in which intoxicated pipes pose a significant negative health concern especially when the pipes are directly going into the household’s drinking water. Ingesting excessive amounts of lead results in lead poisoning that leads to a wide range of health complications including fatigue and headaches.

Discolored Tap Water

One of the common causes of water discoloration is a burst on water main or pump. Most of the older water dam casts iron and over the years, it corrodes giving growth to rust (iron particles) in which becomes loose and carried along with the water flow. This can also explain the discoloration on your tap water since pipes are made from the same material: iron.

Pipes Frequently Leaking

Leaking pipes leads to indoor flooding and molding is the biggest concern caused by leaking pipes under the sinks and on the walls, and the leaky pipes inside walls cause deformation problems when water remains stagnant. Leaking pipes can also lead to hazardous mold and mildew growth resulting in cosmetic damage to your home or building or worse, these molds and fungi’s effect on your health.

The signs above are just obvious signs. If you observe these signs in your pipes, then maybe it’s a sign that you should call your local plumbing service. Being cautious and taking a precautionary measure is a smart way to do especially when your water pipes are affected. Having pipe repairs can avoid major consequences such as cosmetic damage in your house and negative health effects.

Your pipes will really get old and rust, have discolored water, and will eventually leak. If you need further assistance with repairing your pipes, call Shaul’s at 778-397-4850 or schedule an appointment with us through our website.