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Why Boiler Maintenance Matters


One investment in your heating system is regular annual boiler maintenance. Whatever type of boiler or fuel source you have, professional maintenance is imperative for the safety and health of boilers.

Scheduling professional maintenance for your boiler pays off for you in many ways. When you let Shaul’s service get into your boiler system for both inspection and cleaning, you will surely get excellent quality performance. You can expect your boiler to:

  • Have full efficiency, keep your heating at a consistent level and energy bills low
  • Continue to operate safely, reducing any health risks resulting from sudden pressure or temperature changes
  • Have a longer service life, preventing unexpected breakdowns or excessive wear of major parts
  • Work efficiently, with minimal major and expensive repairs, saving you money and preventing smaller problems from turning into bigger problems

If you ensure your boiler is serviced annually, you also encourage your plumber to detect and fix any issues before they cause any major damage. Any problems that you experience, no matter how small, can only get worse as time passes and the elements at your equipment will recede.

Keep track of inspections by creating a boiler log that checks weekly, monthly, and annually. This will help monitor issues you encounter and note what is being taken care of, or what will require further repairs and special attention in the future.

To know more about boiler maintenance benefits, call Shaul’s at 778-397-4850 to schedule an appointment with us.