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Fix Low Water Pressure At Home With These 5 Tips


You’re taking the shower and suddenly the water pressure drops. It might be because another water fixture is simultaneously on, or a toilet is being flushed at the same time. In this case, you don’t have to immediately call your plumber, since you can easily troubleshoot the problem.

If you notice that the pressure problem is throughout your home’s plumbing system and not just with one specific fixture, then it’s time to call in your professional plumber at Shaul’s to fix low water pressure and end your frustration.

Old Pipes

Old homes often have old pipes that are larger and are not up to code. The ideal long-term solution would be to have them replaced. But if you want an affordable solution, you can install a pipe reduction apparatus which can be bought at hardware stores. This particular apparatus narrows water flow and helps increase water pressure.

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Pressure-Reducing Valve And Shut-Off Valve

The pressure-reducing valve (PRV) is a trapezoid-shaped valve located on the water pipeline connected directly off the main public water line and into your home. Examine by adjusting it and see if the adjustment impacts the overall water pressure of your home. Also, check your main shut-off valve that can be found at the water meter if it’s slightly turned. Adjust it to the right water pressure you need.

Clogs In Fixtures

Other than corrosion and mineral build-up, wastes such as hair and food can obstruct plumbing fixtures causing water pressure issues. It’s important to keep your sinks clean by installing drain filters or strainers that will help prevent clogging.

Water Leaks

One most common cause of low water pressure is leaking. No matter how small the leak, it can already impact the water flow, because not all water reaches the tap. Check for leaks around the pipes. Also if you monitor your water meter reading and there’s an increase, you probably have a leak. If you can’t find where the leak is, immediately call your professional plumber at Shaul’s. One small leak will grow in size if undetected and unfixed straight away.

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Corrosion And Build-up

Pipes can rust and corrode over time that may cause to weaken water pressure. Mineral build-up can clog the pipes leaving a narrow space for water to pass through. This can also cause hard water. It’s important to immediately replace your pipes.

If you notice that the low water pressure is all over your home’s plumbing and you’re unsure how to fix it, then it’s now time to contact a licensed and reputable plumber at Shaul’s. We’ll help end your frustrating problem and help you save money in the long run. Call us at 778-397-4850 anytime, or you can schedule a service here.