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How To Prepare Your Plumbing System For A House Inspection


Preparing for a house inspection isn’t that easy. When the seller is setting up everything before selling the house, they must make sure that everything is neat, tidy and the plumbing system is fully functioning well. To make sure that the house’s plumbing system is functioning well, the seller must schedule an inspection of the plumbing.

The inspector is called in in order to make sure that everything within the house is functioning well before selling it into the market. They usually check mainly the house’s plumbing wherein they check things like the water supply that the residents are using inside the house because it may have leaked and contaminated the supply. It is very important to remember that when an inspector checks the house, the potential buyer would be looking into the house with the inspector, because some sellers would just tidy up their houses but would neglect the inspection.

Here are some tips to prepare before the home inspection.

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Know The Location Of Your Main Shut Off Valve

Usually, plumbers would start by asking where your main shut-off valve is located. This valve is the one preventing the pressured water from the main city line into bursting into your house. The plumber would request you to turn it on and off in order to ensure that the resident can switch it still in an emergency situation. If it does not work, it can develop into a huge mess.

Make The Inspection Area Clean

To make the inspection easier, clear the area of unnecessary distractions. You should make the working area as neat and clear of materials. It is a challenging task to inspect the pipes with materials that cover the area.

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Check For Damaged Pipes

Before the inspection proper, the seller must check for frozen or any damaged pipes inside their homes. It is to easily locate the damages within the household and take note of the said areas.

Always Be Available

The inspection can happen anytime. Clear your schedule. The inspector is expecting you to be available anytime for the inspection to happen.

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