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Furnace Not Heating Air?


A gas furnace not heating air can be caused by many issues and some of which can be addressed on your own without the immediate help of a service professional.

To troubleshoot a misbehaving gas furnace, start with the easiest solutions and then to the most complicated ones. If your troubleshooting steps don’t help the gas furnace to work smoothly, then it is time to call a furnace professional.

Here are some possible DIY fixes for you to work on your furnace that is not doing its job properly.

Filter Issues

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A dirty old filter is a clogged filter and can restrict the airflow to your system. This in turn could limit your furnace to produce and distribute warm air throughout your home. Some furnaces even contain a built-in shutoff that kicks into action when the filter gets clogged, in order to prevent an overheated burner. When this happens, the furnace will blow cold air.

Filters are cheap and easy to change. If your filter is the colour of mud, it’s a sure sign that it is time to switch it out anyway. After doing so, restart your furnace. Wait a few moments for the cold air that’s already in the ducts to blow through, and then see if it starts getting warmer.

Gas Valve Issues

If your gas furnace hasn’t been cleaned for a long period of time, a faulty valve could be the reason for the cold air to blow out of your furnace. Dirt and debris can collect on the valve, causing it to shut down. Or for some reason, the valve could simply be worn out. This is another reason to have your system checked regularly.

Heating Contractor In Burnaby, B.C.Burner Issues

The furnace’s burner is yet another component that’s vulnerable to dirt and related problems. When this burner is clogged, there won’t be any fuel getting through. Your fan may still blow but may be resulting in cold air coming through your ducts. The solution is to have your furnace’s burner cleaned. Handy homeowners who have the motivation can learn how to do these themselves. The best scenario when your own troubleshooting steps do not work is to have a service professional come in and give it a thorough cleaning.

Open The Heat Registers

Restoring the flow of warm air is a matter of opening heat registers. Families with young children know that heat registers can often get closed mysteriously after a play session. However, the heat registers that were closed can cause heat to build up in your furnace, causing it to shut down automatically.

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