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High Water Pressure? Here’s What You Should Do


High water pressure is not good water pressure. Homeowners want to have good water pressure at home for them to do activities easier and faster. High water pressure can be dangerous to your house, especially your pipes. It can hurt your pipes, wear and tear on appliances and fixtures, and it can also damage your water heater.

Having minimal water pressure can be of help to you in maintaining the safety of your house. Here are some ways for you to do in fixing the high water pressure problem.

Check For Water Pressure Issues

Kitchen Plumbing In New Westminster BC Leaking faucets, running toilets, spraying faucets, and banging pipes are some of the pieces of evidence of a high water pressure issue. To attend to these issues, you can purchase a water pressure gauge from a home improvement store. Simply follow the directions on the packaging for you to use the gauge correctly. Take note that it takes time for these gauges to show an accurate reading. In some cases, you need to leave the gauge attached for at least two days and check it frequently during the day to see if pressure fluctuates. Your patience is much more needed in this option.

Use Tools That Can Diagnose And Control Water Pressure

A handy little tool that is easy to use is the pressure gauge. This gauge has an attachment that hooks up to your faucet. You can find this tool at most home improvement or hardware stores. Look for the faucet that’s closest to the water main that might be in your basement or on the outside of your house. Make sure all of your water fixtures and appliances are turned off. Attach the pressure gauge to the faucet and make it tight and turn the water on. Give it 15 to 20 seconds or more and take a look at the gauge. 40 to 60 psi is the normal range of good water pressure. Anything over 80 psi means your water pressure is in the danger zone.

Call For Professional Help

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A calculation under 60 psi should be normal for your plumbing system to handle. If it passed through 80 psi and above, it’s a good idea to get a water pressure regulator installed instead. This type of regulator will maintain your water pressure on a good level without you noticing. If these things are not familiar to you, you may contact a professional who can help you deal with high water pressure problems.

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