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Bathroom Drain Maintenance


Maintaining a clean and harmonious house is one of the toughest jobs of homeowners especially if one is not naturally a good cleaner or not that accustomed to keeping his surroundings clean. Looking into details in every part of the house is much needed to keep it clean and fit to live in.

A bathroom sink is always used by homeowners. This is where we brush our teeth before leaving the house for work and before going to sleep. It is just proper to keep this clean and safe to use all the time. Here are some maintenance tips for you to remember on how to properly maintain your bathroom drain.

Plumbing Contractor In Burnaby B.C.Know What You Should Never Put Down That Sink

As a homeowner, you should be alert on what pieces of stuff are safe to put down on your drain. Liquid oils, fats, or grease are not good to pour down into your drain because they become more solid after a long period and they cling to the sides of your pipes, building up into a clog-inducing paste. You may not want to clog your bathroom drain now and then just because of an unsafe pour down. Other things that shouldn’t go down your bathroom drains include unused medications, coffee grounds, and eggshells.

Ways To Clean Your Bathroom Drains

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A pot of very hot water may be of help for you. Y ou just need to pour it down the bathroom drain and follow up with cool water to flush out the clogs you just melted away. You can also use the all-around tandem, baking soda and vinegar. Pour a half cup of baking soda down your drain and chase it with a half cup of vinegar. Let this sit overnight and then flush the drains with hot water in the morning and they’ll work like they’re new.

Avoid using liquid drain cleaners for they can’t tell the difference between the clog and the pipe. When a chemical drain cleaner finishes cleaning away the clog, it will automatically keep eating away your pipes too. This idea is just not suitable for maintaining a good bathroom drain.

Never Put Hair Down The Bathroom Drain

Throwing hair down the drain is just a different problem to face. You may not want to clog your drains just because of hair. Always make sure to get your hair fall using a napkin and throw them into the trashcan. This can be the very proper way for you to maintain not just your bathroom drain, but also your shower drain.

You should always be careful in the small details of your house, especially your bathroom drain. Maintaining it is better than having to face a bigger problem. Looking for a professional to service your plumbing needs? Call Shaul’s Plumbing and Heating Ltd at 778-397-4850 and we’ll be there to attend to your concerns. Our services include plumbing, heating, gas, and backflow systems. You can also book an appointment here.