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Reasons Why Water Conservation Is Important


Imagine earth with no water. I bet you can’t. For life to occur and sustain itself, there must be water. Water is essential for life. Water is a necessity, and it’s the one thing that’ll keep you alive even if you live with water alone for a couple of days.

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Our planet is nearly two-thirds water, yes that’s plenty, but only 2.5 percent of that is freshwater. In the 2.5%, only one percent is easily accessible. Imagine dividing that one percent by the earth’s drinking population and the demands for expanding irrigation, industrial use, and growing communities. What scarcity that is.

plumbing contractor in New Westminster BCIf you can barely think of apportioning that, how much more when that 1% freshwater is being reduced by water abuses such as increased improper water withdrawals and disposals, and the pollution and contamination we create. There’s also the presence of abuses such as climate change that reduce rainfall in areas that were accustomed to nature providing water, and there’s deforestation that impedes our forests from collecting, storing, purifying, and providing fresh water.

Now think, in times of water shortages, where should we get water for consumption? Why do we even have to wait for a shortage to occur for us to prompt action to save water? Why not begin conserving now?

Conserving water does not only save water, but it also saves lives in general. What humans are we when we are the very ones who waste and destroy our own resources that keep us alive? Yes, we can depend on water treatment plants to clean our waters, but these facilities obviously cannot be constructed by sea creatures.

So even before leaving the tap or shower to run unnecessarily, or ignoring your leaking faucets and toilets, you better think again. The finite resource of water won’t actually be limited if you know how to conserve it. Do one thing each day, no matter how small you think it is, to help conserve water. Every drop counts.

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