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Reasons Why Your Water Pipes Are So Noisy And How To Fix It


Your plumbing system must be designed in such a way as to make it safe, sound and quiet. Some defects in the plumbing system are usually identified by the noise in the pipes. Not only are noisy pipes distracting, but they’re also a warning sign of serious plumbing problems. Some of these problems require easy DIY repair while others require a professional. Shaul’s is a local gas contractor in Burnaby BC that provides quality gas services in Burnaby BC. Burnaby BC

If you’re looking for a reliable heating contractor in Burnaby BC, Shaul’s is the one. We offer professional heating services in Burnaby BC. If you have noisy water pipes, read on to diagnose the cause and bring the peace back to your home.

Water Hammer

This occurs when water rushes through pipes under high pressure, and when the flow is suddenly cut off, such as shutting off a faucet or closing a toilet valve alone, the water in the pipes is forced to stop. The sudden water stoppage makes the water look for a place to go and can cause your pipes to shake and rattle, banging against your walls or shut-off valve.

To resolve this, you may want to install a water hammer arrestor.

High Water Pressure

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High-pressure water flowing into pipes causes knocking noises. The water flows too rapidly through a pipe due to high water pressure, and it begins bouncing off the sides and into itself, which shakes the pipe.

To resolve this, a water pressure check gauge is connected to the hose bib nearest to the water main. Test water pressure. If it reaches 80psi or 5.62kg / cm2 then install a pressure-reduction valve to control high-pressure water.

Loose/Wobbly Pipes

As water flows through it, pipes that are not firmly secured in position can displace. Those pipes will bang against the surrounding wall as water flows into the loose pipes.

To resolve this, locate the places where straps are missing on pipes. To the pipe, add a piece of rubber or wood insulation or foam and tie it back in place. When pipes are not open, in the nearest accessible parts of the pipe, cover with insulation or foam padding.

If your pipes still create noise after doing these fixes, call us at 778-397-4850 or leave us a message so we could help you bring the peace back to your home. As a certified plumbing contractor in Burnaby BC, Shaul’s offers quality, professional plumbing services in Burnaby BC. We also are available anytime for emergencies.

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