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Does High Water Pressure Damage Your Home’s Plumbing System?


High water pressure feels great especially in the shower but the consequences that come with it do not feel great.

The common source of high water pressure is the main water supplier or distributor. Sometimes the area’s water can be changed which can be the cause of the increase in pressure leaving your pipes at risk of the increased water pressure.

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Increased Water Pressure Can Cause Leaks

Strong water pressure is difficult to contain which leads to leaks and could lead to big damage to your plumbing system. The water pressure in the pipes to your house is similar to the blood pressure in your body, high blood pressure puts stress on other parts of your body and causes serious problems if left untreated.

It is the same situation when high water pressure is left unfixed. It can cause serious problems in your plumbing system, shorten the life usage of the machines in your house that requires water usage, and increase your water bills.

High Pressure Can Erode Your Pipes

The term “water hammer” is used to describe that loud banging noise when highly pressured water encounters a valve. It can also erode pipes and the damage can be a major household problem like your house’s plumbing starts to creak.

Continuous water flow at an unnecessary high pressure damages plumbing fixtures in a short time and ruins the performance of your sinks, faucets and toilets. Overly pressurized water causes conventional plumbing fixtures to leak, as stoppers (such as toilet tanks) cannot stop the water from forcing its way through.

Water Wastage

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Water is wasted when the water is too high and it starts to drip out of faucets, showers and toilets. Over a period of time, this drip of water adds up a lot in which it could be conserved.

Increased water pressure can be great especially in showers and when you’re using it for carwash and the likes but it sure does damage your plumbing system, but not only that, it can also lead to water wastage and in some parts of the world, there is water shortage.

Water is a precious resource, you as an individual should take preventive steps in order to save water and to prevent expensive repairs in your plumbing system.

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