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Selecting The Right Tools For Drain Cleaning


You can have the best tools at hand, but not all those tools can be the right fit for different drain cleaning jobs. Selecting the right tools for drain cleaning will help make your job easier, saving you time and money.

A clogged kitchen sink requires a different cleaning tool than what you use with the shower drain. If you’re using the same drain cleaning tool for both jobs, then continue reading this blog to find out what’s right and why it’s the right tool for a specific drain job.

Trusted Plumber In Richmond, B.C.The Right Equipment For The Job

For you to be able to select the proper drain cleaning tool for the job, you should know what type of drain it is. A small drain, like the sink, or laundry tub, requires a small or hand-held drain cleaner. A blockage that affects several drains requires a larger drain cleaning machine. For toilets and urinals, the best tool is the closet auger, as it goes through the tight bends in the bowl quickly and easily.

The Type Of Clog You Are Dealing With

It is important to know what type of clog you are up against, so you could choose the right tool for the job. If it is a clog that’s caused by tree roots or foreign objects like toys, or debris such as hair and soap, the right tool would be cable machines. If the clog is caused by grease, or sand and mud, or ice, the right tool would be water jets.

The Right Plumbing Service

Plumbing Contractor In Richmond, B.C.The right company for the job is the one that got the tools needed to accomplish your drain cleaning service. It is expected that the professional plumber should have the tools needed on hand to get the job done efficiently. If you contact a plumber now, look no further. Shaul’s Plumbing and Heating Ltd is right here waiting for your call. We will be able to get in and clean your drains without having to run outside and buy missing tools, and we won’t charge you if a tool isn’t available on hand.

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