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How To Remove Calcium Build-Up From Your Faucets


Seeing a cloudy-like stain on your faucet? Most probably it is because it has been blemished by your tap water supply. It can occur most especially when you have a supply of hard water because minerals would collect from your fixtures in your house over time. The deposits can result in a build-up called calcium build-up. It is harmless but it does not look pleasant. Here are the ways on how you can remove calcium build-ups from your faucets:

Plumbing Contractor In North Vancouver, B.C.Using Chemicals

You can clean the faucet using a cloth that is wet with an all-purpose cleaner chemical. Another alternative is a dish detergent, but it cleans slowly. You should make sure to focus on the scrubbing in the back and under the particular installation and anywhere that can be affected. After this, you should rinse the faucet and sink and wipe any possible persisting excess after the chemical process.

Using Lime

Since lemons contain citrate which helps the breaking down of calcium deposits and can slow their growth, it is the natural way of dissolving the minerals that stick around the faucet. You should wipe the build-up with a squeeze of lemon. After that, rinse the sink and dry out the faucet.

Trusted Plumber In North Vancouver, B.C.Using Vinegar

Vinegar helps in loosening the film of hard water and the build-up before scrubbing it. You should wrap a cloth that is covered in vinegar around the affected faucet. Keep the cloth for an hour and wipe down the surface after you are done. Mixing vinegar and baking soda can also be a combination to create a paste for scrubbing the deposits.

Removing The Aerator

An aerator is a filter at the edge of your faucet with the screen. You unscrew this part and using a toothbrush or a small brush, brush away the build-up from the inside. Then place the aerator in a bowl with vinegar for an hour or two and let it dry before placing it back on the faucet.

Build-Up Prevention

For you to prevent the calcium build-up from your faucets, you should consider having a water filtration system. Water filtration in your home is the fastest way to have a great quality of water that won’t cause problems inside your house.

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