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Sink Drain Odor? Here’s What You Need To Know


Compared to the bathroom, the kitchen is thought to have more bacteria and germs. Kitchens get really dirty and gross quickly, and that’s why every day we have to clean our kitchen.

Yet, sometimes we cannot get rid of that strange smell, despite cleaning the kitchen with all the possible disinfectants and kitchen cleaning chemicals. That smell is indicative of a sink problem. Even if the kitchen is squeaky clean, if there’s an unsolved problem with the sink, the kitchen would smell bad.

What Makes The Sink Drain Smell?

It is hydrogen sulphide, one of the many compounds that make up the gas found in sewage, which makes your drain smell like rotten eggs.

Dirty garbage disposal is a common culprit of the rancid odour. Bacteria and food can rot and get stuck. This can be avoided by running cold water after each use. Dump ice cubes and salt and then run cold water in the disposal.

The odour can also be caused by an unused drain. If the sink hasn’t been used in a while, the water from the trap dries up and then the gas or odour can come out from the nasty sewage.

How To Check If The Odor Is Coming From The Sink?

To test if the odour comes from the drain itself, and not from the water, pour a glass of water from the sink that stinks and then another glass from a different sink. Smell both to check if it’s the water that smells. If only one glass of water stinks, then the problem is with the sink itself.

How To Treat The Bad Smell?

To get rid of sink drain odours, there are common household ingredients that can help. A mixture of baking soda, vinegar, and hot water will freshen the sink and dissolve minor clogs. Lemon, salt, and ice will also do the trick.

If nothing works, then that could indicate there is a bigger problem. To prevent more stinking smells and hazards, call a professional at Shaul’s at 778-397-4850 to schedule an appointment with us.