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How To Use A Drain Snake


When clearing a clog, the first thing that should come to mind is a cleaning solution that may be a mixture of baking soda, white vinegar, and hot water. It’s not advisable to use a drain snake first. It’s also not a good idea to be snaking a drain if you do not know how to use a drain snake.

A Drain Snake

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Also known as a toilet snake or toilet auger, plumbing auger or plumber’s snake, closet snake or a closet auger, the drain snake is a long, retractable metal cable that has a bladed, hooked, or corkscrew tip. It is what you use to get rid of blockages in pipes that can’t be helped by a simple cleaning mixture. You feed it down into a drain until it reaches the clog, and you crank it to either cut through or snag the debris.

How To Snake A Drain

  1. Wind down the bladed or hooked end of the plumbing snake into the drain.
  2. Crank the cable clockwise and extend it until the tip reaches the clog.
  3. Once it reaches the clog, you can slowly retract the cable to either clear a hole in the clog or pull it out from the pipe.
  4. You can crank the snake back into the drain to remove the trapped clog through the drain’s opening.
  5. Always clean the drain snake every after use.

Leave The Job In The Hands Of Professionals

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Incorrect use of the plumbing auger can not only cause more damage to your pipes but can also cause water back-ups and flooding. As soon as you notice a slow draining of water in your drains, there’s a big chance a clog is starting to build up in your pipes. Do not wait for the issue to get bigger. Prevent more expensive problems by calling Shaul’s Plumbing and Heating Ltd.

The best and safest way to drain cleaning is always in the hands of a professional. You not only avoid further damage, but you also help save money and resources. A professional plumbing company like Shaul’s Plumbing and Heating Ltd is the solution to your plumbing problems. We also offer heating and gas, and backflow services. Call us now at 778-397-4850 to talk to one of our trained and certified plumbers. You can also schedule a service here.