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Common Plumbing Emergencies At Home


A plumbing emergency is a big inconvenience especially at home where you rely upon your plumbing for washing, drinking, and more. It’s also an unexpected expense no matter how big or small. But do not worry too much. Shaul’s Plumbing and Heating Ltd is here to help.

The following are 8 common plumbing emergencies at home.

  1. Plumbing Contractor In Vancouver, B.C.Water Heater Issues: When you locate a leak or other complication that is interrupting the supply of your hot water supply, you could have wasted a ton of money on your water heating. The damage or leak on the heater controller can be replaced easily but if the wall of your heater is completely rusted, you would require a replacement for a new heater to solve the problem.
  2. Low Water Pressure: If the house is experiencing low water pressure, the problem is definitely within the water supply of your house or your pipes. But if it is only a few installations, you should check your plumbing installations and check the problem, maybe the aerators need cleaning.
  3. Running Faucets: If the faucets are constantly dripping, it can increase your water bills and it can also be the main cause for rust to form and can make way for the growth of mould.
  4. Burst Pipes: Certain cycles such as the freeze-thaw cycle where water continues to trickle into cracks, freezes in the pipe and expands, can lead to breaking the pipe apart. This could lead to pipe replacements.
  5. Clogged Bathtubs: The most common reason behind this problem is the scum from the soaps and the build-up of hairs.
  6. Trusted Plumber In Vancouver, B.C.Damaged/Broken Water Lines: There can be several factors that can cause the water lines underground to be damaged or break, for example, tree roots and earthquakes. These broken water lines from the underground can be a cause of swampy areas within the yard, low water pressure and very poor quality of water supply.
  7. Backup in Sewer System: The backups of sewer systems are messy and can create inconvenience. It is a major problem that not even one household family wants to experience. Common signs of this system are bad odours that are coming directly from the drains, rippling toilets, multiple clogs in the drain and pooling of waters around the drain of the floor.
  8. Damaged Hoses of Washing Machines: The water hoses of the washing machines are the most common weakest connection. If you find a swelling hose behind the washer, you should not disregard it, or rusts and moulds would be the reason for problems.

If you ever have to deal with a plumbing emergency, call us immediately at 778-397-4850. Our professional team of plumbers at Shaul’s Plumbing and Heating Ltd will come running to help any time of the day. We also offer heating, gas, and backflow services. You can schedule a service here for your plumbing-related issues.