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Foul Smell Every Time You Flush The Toilet? Here’s Why


Do you end up gasping at the smell of your washroom after you flush the toilet? It can be a warning sign that something needs to be fixed. Your bathroom smells like a sewer for several possible reasons. Some of the most common reasons are an improperly mounted or cut vent pipe, a broken or loose seal, or a damaged toilet.

Typically, with a quick clean, a couple of flushes and some air freshener, you can fix a bad-smelling toilet. The smell does not go away sometimes, however, no matter how many times you clean your bathroom.

Loosened Up Or Broken Seal

Usually, when you have a foul odour when flushing the toilet, it’s because the wax ring isn’t fixed to the toilet or the floor. Every time you put water in a drain, it initially needs to push the air away. If the wax ring is not closed, instead of moving it down the pipe, the water will simply push the air between the ground and the bottom of the toilet.

Since both air and water take up space in the pipe, unless you move the air out, you can’t put the water in it. Typically we’re sending it up the house’s main vent and out the roof, but when the roof vent is blocked, there’s no room for the air to go.

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You must reseal the toilet to the ground and clear the central vent of debris to remove the bathroom smell. If the toilet bowl is shaky, it might have broken the wax ring. To fix it, reset the toilet with another wax ring.

If the toilet itself seems to have broken, contact Shaul’s Plumbing and Heating Ltd.

There Are Blockages

Blockages accumulate in the drainpipe between all the waste and other items that are flushed down the toilet. Over time, these blockages may build up or be triggered by a single instance. Each time the toilet is flushed, you can sometimes smell their odours when the toilet creates such blockages.

It’s critical to have these pipes assessed and have any blockages cleared before they cause repeating stops up and flooding toilets.

A toilet doesn’t just smell as a result of your food choices; there are other variables that can create a stinky toilet. We will be glad to help those who need to fix the toilet or clear clogged drains! Just contact us at 778-397-4850.