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The Proper Way To Install A Toilet Flange


Want to make sure that water won’t leak from your toilet? Installing a toilet flange properly will do the job! With our plumbing services in Vancouver BC, you won’t have to worry anymore. We offer toilet flange installation and also heating services in Vancouver BC.

A toilet flange, located under the toilet, is a piece of pipe that mounts a toilet to the floor and connects the toilet to the drainpipe underneath. It is a fundamental part of mounting a toilet. Proper fitting of it will free you from leakage, cracks, and misalignment of the toilet.

A toilet flange is installed above the floor. As a local plumbing contractor in Vancouver BC, we at Shaul’s share with you the following steps that illustrate the proper way of installing a toilet flange.

 Plumbing Services In Vancouver BCStep 1: Prepare The Needed Tools And Materials

You’ll need a toilet flange, an adjustable wrench, a hacksaw, a toilet wax ring, and bolts. Make sure to measure the width of the pipe on the floor so that the correct sizes of the flange and the wax ring can be purchased.

Step 2: Fix The Flange In Place

Position the flange correctly in the drain pipe and then bolt it down. The bolts should slip into the flange and point up. Secure that the bolts anchor the flange to the floor. Make sure that the top of the flange is flat and even allow a good seal of the wax ring.

Step 3: Add The Wax Ring

The wax ring is naturally adhesive which ensures a proper seal that prevents water leakage. Most wax rings will be first pressed into the bottom of the toilet, and then the toilet pressed onto the flange. Just follow the instructions provided with the wax ring. The wax’s malleability allows it to form depending on how you press it.

Heating Services In Vancouver BCStep 4: Fit The Toilet

Lower the toilet gently and press it down with proper alignment and seal with the toilet. Otherwise, you will need to lift it up to realign. The toilet should be threaded with the bolts. The bolts rise through the holes on each side of the toilet. Tighten the bolt nuts just enough so the toilet is sturdy. Make sure the nuts are not too tight or too loose. To ensure proper sealing of the toilet on the flange, try sitting on the toilet.

With these steps, you do not need to worry about water and smell leakage. If you got the physical strength and the right tools, installing it could be done alone in an hour or faster with someone to help like Shaul’s, which is a professional plumbing and heating contractor in Vancouver BC. Always keep in mind that in purchasing a flange, make sure the size fits the toilet and the piping.

If you are still having a hard time installing your toilet flange on your own, do not hesitate to contact us. We are a qualified and licensed plumbing, heating, and gas contractor in Vancouver BC that offers plumbing, heating, and gas services in Vancouver BC. Also, if you want to avoid hair clogs and maintain healthy bathroom plumbing, you can follow some tips here.

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