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Slow Draining Tub Home Remedies


Plumbing Services In Richmond BCWhat could be more annoying than a slow-draining tub in your home? Don’t wait for it to be totally clogged. We, at Shaul’s, offer plumbing services in Richmond BC. We are your local plumbing contractor in Richmond BC and we can help you fix your tub.

Because of a clogged tub, household errands would not be at a proper pace anymore. A clog is being caused by hair clumps, dirt, built-up food leftovers, and even bath salts.

Whatever the issue, here are home remedies for blockages in your tub.

Gas Contractor In Richmond BCThe first option is to use a plunger. Place the plunger directly over the tub drain. Slowly plunge it up and down. Pump it several times or until you see that water is already draining quickly.

The next option is to use a plumbing snake, which is a long heavy metal wire. Lower the snake into the drain until a clog is reached. Once you feel the clog, wiggle the wire around to loosen the clog. Turn the wire back up, and then run either hot or boiling water into the drain to clear the clog.

If all the attempts above fail to remedy your slow-draining tub, you can contact us for help. Some problems are serious that they need to be cleared by a professional plumber. Shaul’s is your local plumbing and heating contractor in Richmond BC. We provide professional plumbing and heating services in Richmond BC.

Also, if you want to install a toilet flange or maintain healthy bathroom plumbing, you can follow some tips here. Aside from plumbing and heating, Shaul’s, as a gas contractor in Richmond BC, also offers professional gas services in Richmond BC.