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The Negative Long-Term Effects Of Drain Cleaners


It can really be tempting to pick up a drain cleaner whenever your drains become sluggish. But have you thought about what are the contents of those drain cleaners? They can be quite scary stuff that when used on your drains, the end result is not always pretty.

Trusted Plumber In North Vancouver, B.C.There are two most common forms of drain cleaners – the alkaline that contains sodium hydroxide, and the acidic that contains sulfuric acid. The primary ingredients of these two are corrosive to both the clog and the pipes themselves.

If the clog is not removed quickly with the use of the chemical drain cleaner, and for a prolonged period of time it is left to remain inside the pipes, the pipes may begin to show wear and tear. It can cause premature ageing and some parts of the plumbing may need to be removed.

As these corrosive drain cleaners move around the plumbing system, not only do they have the potential to harm the system, they can also flow into the environment and can create havoc. Eventually, the cleaners will make their way through lakes and rivers, polluting our water sources and contributing to the devastation of fragile natural habitats.

Plumbing Contractor In North Vancouver, B.C.Another problem with chemical drain cleaners is they pose a risk to your health and safety. You must be careful to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and never allow the cleaner to come into contact with your skin or eyes, as it can cause painful sores and rashes. Be careful never to inhale the fumes that are released by chemical drain cleaners, as they can also damage your lungs.

There are two alternatives to cleaning your drains using harsh chemicals – biodegradable cleaners and drain snakes. Biodegradable cleaners have enzymes that can clear the clogs. A drain snake can mechanically clean pipes but not all homeowners and business owners will know how to use one properly.

Another choice would be to call a plumber. Plumbers have specialized equipment that can get to the root of the issue easily and clear it away. Call Shaul’s at 778-397-4850 or schedule an appointment with us through our website.