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Why Your Toilet Is Noisy When Flushing


When you flush the toilet and it makes loud irregular noises, then it usually indicates an issue. Some problems are simple and easy to rectify. Others will require a professional plumber and sometimes make buying a new toilet the only solution that can bring your home a quiet flush.

The reason why your toilet makes such suspicious noises can be a dirty valve, water hammer or a broken float switch. So you should investigate these issues early to make sure they don’t get more serious in the future.

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If you can still hear gurgling long after flushing the toilet, then the venting system could be the problem. Plunge your toilet to remove any obstructions from the ventilation system. The explanation for the noise is that air cannot flow up and out of your other drains, causing it to flow out of your ventilation system. Therefore, to make the gurgling stop you can clear the venting mechanism as well.

A Dirty Valve

A dirty valve is one of the most common reasons for a noisy toilet. If the toilet makes a screaming foghorn-type noise, you’ll know this is the issue. But don’t worry, that can be fixed quite easily.

Turn off the toilet water supply, remove the tank lid and find the fill valve and remove any dirt and debris carefully. Also, allow water to flow out of your valve. This will also flush out any fill valve line debris. Turn the water back on and the sound should have gone away. If this doesn’t work then it may help to fit a new ballcock and fill valve.

Noisy Water Hammer

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Another common issue is a humming noise when the toilet is flushed. This can be caused by a sudden change in direction of a fluid in motion or trapped air compressed inside the pipeline. A water hammer can cause heavy damage to the washer.

If you encounter this, it can be as easy as replacing a washer. Always remember to first switch off the water supply. Go in, open the ball valve and a black rubber washer is located. Replace your washer with a new one. Place it right in and put the valve back. That should solve the problem.

If you’ve done everything and still get a noisy flushing toilet, call Shaul’s at 778-397-4850 or schedule an appointment with us through our website. Let us handle all the dirty work for you, and you’ll be glad you did.

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